Lost Garden

Grand Garden Groove MIX "AQUAMARINE"

いつもLost Gardenの音楽を聴いてくださり、本当にありがとうございます。

Lost Gardenの作品に収録されている最近のトラックやゲストで制作したトラックで構成しています。


Thank you for always listening to Lost Garden music.

IConsists of recent tracks from Lost Garden's work and tracks produced by guests.
If you know or don't know our songs, please enjoy.

It is a difficult situation in many ways, but I am glad if this MIX can color your days even a little.

Set List

# Title Artist From
01 Magnolia Veneo Isrugi WANDERLUST MEDITATOR
02 Fairy Snow- kaguraduki Remix - kaguraduki iDolization / ESQUARIA
03 Lofty dreams- kaguraduki Remix - kaguraduki Angel Gate / ESQUARIA
05 UNDINE ITM UNDINE - Lost Garden works collection -
06 Blue Momentary Nago KALEIDOSCOPE DIVER
07 Peppermint Party dover AURORA RECITER
08 Kalos Eidos kaguraduki KALEIDOSCOPE DIVER
09 Green Flash kaguraduki TROPICLUIXE
10 Oriental Tokyo KaNa ENIGMATIC LINER
11 Nxluv kaguraduki NOX-FLORAPARADE
12 Starflake Valley Nago ENIGMATIC LINER
13 Selene bane PLAMISSIONE
14 Heartbeat (Veneo Isrugi remix) Veneo Isrugi UNDINE - Lost Garden works collection -
15 Celestial Classroom kaguraduki STARLIGHT CONDUCTOR
16 SPIDER NET WORK - kaguraduki Remix - kaguraduki Estival Reve / ESQUARIA
17 Breakwater Sunset 中路もとめ TROPICLUIXE
18 Summer Color Veneo Isrugi CLARACALERA
19 Croudia Veneo Isrugi STARLIGHT CONDUCTOR
20 Aurora Night kaguraduki AURORA RECITER
21 Tropical Voyage kaguraduki TROPICLUIXE
22 Wanderlust Awakening kaguraduki WANDERLUST MEDITATOR
23 Holy Prayer kaguraduki ISLACALERA