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オンライン配信について / About Online Distribution

About Online Distribution


いつもLost Gardenの音楽をお聴きいただき、本当にありがとうございます。

Lost Gardenは長年色々な方面からオンライン配信のリクエストを頂いてました。(特に地方や海外の方から)

散々悩んだ末、Lost Gardenはこの度オンライン配信を一旦はじめてみることにしました。
配信先はiTunes Music Store、Google Play Music、Amazon Music、ストリーミングサービスのApple Music、Spotifyです。


  • 新譜は配信対象とせず、旧譜になったら配信する。
  • アルバム価格はイベント頒布時が一番安くなるようにする。
  • イベント頒布時には、ほんの少しでも何か付加価値をつけるようにしたい。


今後ともLost Gardenの音楽をお楽しみいただけますよう、何卒よろしくお願いします。

For Overseas

Thank you for continuing to listen to Lost Garden's music.

For many years now, Lost Garden has received requests for online distribution from a variety of sources (particularly those located in rural areas and abroad).
However, we have had to think long and hard about this, as Lost Garden participates as a circle in events like Comiket and M3, and there have been many requests to ensure that the culture and venue atmosphere surrounding these events remains distinct for those who make the effort to visit our circle during them.

After careful consideration, Lost Garden has decided to begin online distribution on a temporary basis.
Distribution will be handled through iTunes Music Store, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and the streaming services Apple Music and Spotify.
A list of the works that are currently available can be found at the bottom of the page. Or please serch in each platform.

However, our present model for online distribution will be as follows.

  • New releases will not be made immediately available, and will only be sold after some time has passed.
  • We will make sure that the cheapest alubm prices are offered exclusively to those buying at events.
  • We would like to try to ensure some kind of added bonus, however small, is offered to those buying at events.

We understand that at the current time, in May of 2018, there are an increasing amount of circles using platforms such as BOOTH and bandcamp for distribution.
Due to this, the distribution platforms listed above will not necessarily be employed indefinitely, and we will be observing the state of distribution and considering how to move forward at a later date.
To be perfectly honest, we can't be entirely sure of how to move forward with online distribution without trying it first. It's also a possibility that we'll cease online distribution entirely.

We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy Lost Garden's music.

オンライン配信対象作品 / Works Online Distributed

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